Thursday, December 6, 2012

Will you participate in such beauty contest?

Beauty pageants are considered as a platform to get into the glamour industry be it fashion or film. With the dream in their eyes lot many aspirants participate in it.

But I came across this video that tell us exactly the opposite story.
Do you think these girls will ever make it to the fashion industry!

The organizers of such shows does not know anything about the industry and why and how the beauty contest are conducted. For them beauty pageants means getting few girls and guys together and teaching them how to walk and do the show.

The end losers are the participants because the winners does not get anything(mileage or assignments) except for the Sash, Trophy and of course the facebook 'Likes' on the pictures.

Even the audience of such shows are not from the industry and you can't expect much out of it. 

So all you aspiring models beware of such contests and shows if you really want to make big in this industry.

Its always better to do few good shows rather than wasting your time doing many bad shows. Choice is yours.

Your comments are highly appreciated. 

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  1. These are the kind of people who are responsible for ruining the industries name. These organizers know nothing about fashion and modelling yet promises moon to the people coming to them for modelling.
    Kick them out.....

  2. But I must say even the models... unko kisne kaha ki vo models ban sakte hai.. !


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