Do you want to positively impact the lives of others? Or want to get inspired by others?

You have come at the right place.

We are a platform that talks about people and incidences that will inspire you to inspire others.

Here is how we do it:

  • We raise our expectation from you
  • We challenge you
  • We care for you
  • We believe in you
  • We listen to you

Designer, Entrepreneur duo Dr. Anuj Singh and Basant Rai are highly motivated people with two successful business ventures ie, MELANGE EVENTS and IN SYNC - basant anuj.

basant rai and Dr Anuj Singh
Basant Rai & Dr. Anuj Singh

Some of their initiatives and Business Ventures includes:

1. MELANGE EVENTS: The event management company that conceptualizes and executes fashion and lifestyle events to communicate brands prepositions.

2. IN SYNC - basant anuj: The designer label that works only on hand spun, hand woven, eco friendly fabric - KHADI

3. ANUJ BASANT COMMUNICATIONS: A youtube channel that talks about fashion, politics, media, entrepreneurship and social causes.
It also features a weekly Youtube Series I AM - a talk show with achievers around us.

4. NAMO INSPIRES ME: A social media initiative that uses social media platform to connect and work for social causes to bring positive change in society.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/namoinspiresme

Started as a fashion and lifestyle blog with the name FASHIONABLY YOURS, over the period the mindset of the authors changed from just being a fashion designer duo to being an entrepreneur and motivator to contribute positively to the society.
Hence the blog changed from just being a fashion and lifestyle blog to inspiration blog that includes fashion as well.  

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