Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ricky Martin & Sushmita Sen

 She is an ultimate DIVA who ruled the universe with her beauty and brain. He is an ultimate LATINO POP artist with the universal appeal. Sushmita Sen and Ricky Martin are the two souls whom I admire the most. 

And here are a lot in common between the two.

If Sushmita Sen is unapologetic about her RELATIONSHIP with MEN then Ricky Martin was courageous enough to accept that he is a HOMOSEXUAL man.  Both of them believes in giving 100% to a relationship till it lasted without any regrets.

Its rumored that at one point of time they dated each other and if the tabloids are to be believed then the song MARIA sang by Ricky Martin war inspired by Sushmita Sen.

And not to miss both of them are unmarried SINGLE PARENTS. Ricky Martin is a dotting father of twins Valentino and Matteo and Sushmita Sen is a loving mother of two daughters Renee and Alisah.

Here are the pictures of Ricky Martin and Sushmita Sen with their children.

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