Saturday, December 8, 2012

GAS showcases the bright hues of its Spring Summer 2013 collection

GAS – the international premium luxury denim wear brand showcased its new range of Spring Summer '13 collection, inspired from the classics, in association with the famous Belgian artisanal boulangerie kitchen Le Pain Quotidien in Mumbai.
GAS Spring Summer 2013 collection
  • Colored denims, starting from classic grey denims and exploring new directions. Denim fabrics coloured inside and grey outside as a result of intense washes for the women's range and lighter ones for the men's, that created the chiaroscuro effects and unusual color nuances that go from acid green to teal, mauve and wisteria blue.
  • Medium to medium light shades treated with sandpapering and light washes that gave a “raw used” look which is fluid and pleasing to the touch, or heavier but still discreet and sophisticated treatments with darns and mends that used tone on tone yarns, patches, color spots and dirtying.
  • Experimentation with all the shades of indigo. A large part of the range seems to be a homage to GAS blue. A fabric in a very deep, intense, almost Indian ink blue, is given treatments of varying intensity from raw to a strong wash that gives brilliant colours, particularly in the women's range.

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