Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yet another day...

Goosshhhhhhh! the day was hectic. My watch says 6.30pm. I am on my way to Harshita's house. I am super excited as she has invited us to have the first glimpse of the range of T shirts she has painted for the N.G.O. (she strongly feels for the society and tries to give it back in whichever way she can).
WTF! I am already late and the traffic is playing a villain. It seems, everything with the wheel attached to it on road today. It took me almost 1hrs 15 min to reach Naka from Gomti Nagar. I don't know, one should feel good about the fact that almost every one can afford a two wheeler at least(economic rise) or feel sad about the poor infrastructure the city offers.
Whatever! finally I am here at Harshita's house.
"Hi babe! seems you have been hassled too much on the road", Harshita greeted.
Ya! in a way, I replied.
I could see Monalisa, applying lip gloss with perfectly manicured hand. She is looking perfect as usual. Dressed in floral jumpsuit(the latest fashion statement) with the flip - flop chappal and Khadi Jhola with Boollywood poster print, she was aptly dressed up for the casual evening.
Sadanjali was busy over the phone, negotiating with the client for the upcoming show.

Kisses on the cheeks, few on air...

Vaishali is in Mumbai for an assignment to cover the Lakme Fashion Week.

But where is Yukta? Is she stuck in the traffic? Probably! Because she fired her driver recently and is now by herself. And the reason, the driver was too good looking to resist and she thought it was not a good idea to get overboard...

There she enters, with the boy almost half her age. "Hi gals, meet my friend Kashav", she introduces. 6.2 feet tall, perfect jawline and an athlete body, Kashav is a wannabe model, who is looking for a big break. So Yukta must have promised him to get introduced to Sadanjali and Monalisa(bigges in the fashion industry), in exchange of little fun that she intends to have with this boy. Networking! you see...

No issues till the time she is happy..

"Whats up with you and Gaurav, you guys were the staple of the gossip column few days back. And suddenly there are no news!", Yukta asked Sadanjali.
"He has commitment phobia, I guess. So it didn't work out" you could feel the helplessness in Sadanjali voice.
"Ya! right... Bet he is committed to Pankhudi, I have heard", Monalisa said sarcastically.
"Its Ok.. he was not the right kindda guy for u. He was there for the fame and mony you command at this moment. It wasn't love from his side from the word go", I tried to console her.

"Get real people. This is how it works. For successful people like us it is very difficult to find true love, if at all it exists. So its better to make love then fall in love. Now that age is catching up, starting a saving account for the sex as well because once we grow old only money can bet you good sex. So its woth investing.."Yukta adviced us.
"But what about the emotional support". Harshita came with the T - Shirts.
"We are there for each other", Yukta got emotional(a very rare sight).

The T - Shirts were awesome. It would be a total sell out I bet as every piece is unique and worth buying. I'll post the photographs later as I was not carrying the camera.

After looking at the T - Shirts, one thing is clear, the schedule is never too hectic to follow your heart.

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