Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ladies Night Out

[To all gals.. here's to da shit v talk, da guys v stalk, da way v shop, da laughs v can't stop, da gossip v spill, da looks dat can kill. 2 watching each others bk, 2 da next morning getting all da facts, downin da beers, spillin the tears... v will stay together... Celebrate da spirit of being a woman in Ladies Night Out at CLUB DE MELANGE.. Date:25th Sept 2010, Day: Saturday, Time:8.30pm onwards..] Read the sms..

I dialed the club Manager's no to inquire about the evening. "Mam, today's evening is dedicated to you all. S we shall have all the male members, from bar tenders to the DJ to the waiters at your service to pamper and make you feel special. And not to miss the surprise event that is exclusively for you ladies. So try not to miss it" informed the manager.

The day was not very hectic. A few appointments here and there, that's it. Like I met the photographer and he showed me the rushes of the shoot. Attended lots of call from people because of what I wrote yesterday. I think it has started a new debate on 'work ethics, modeling and the things associated with it'. For a change people forgot about the CWG...

And yes Yukta also called up. She wanted to know if it was OK to get a guy along to the party as she was not feeling good and needed someone to take care of her.I can understand because her so called boyfriend from merchant navy was here for 6 days and just left today morning. So she was sad and needed someone to pep her up.

Monalisa wanted to know the guest list. Vaishali is also back from Lakme Fashion Week and said she would be coming along with someone we all know. When asked to reveal the name, she said, "Wait and watch, its a surprise". Too many surprises happening today it seems, I thought.

Any ways the day went by...

9:35pm: I enter the club....
Oh my God! is this the same club! i thought. But this is the best thing about Club De Melange. There in-house party is the to look forward to, always.Everything from the ambiance to the music is in-sync with the theme. Like the waiters were looking like one of the prince of those Maharaja days in maroon and gold brocade bandgalas with jodhpuri pants and multi-coloured safas. The bar tenders in leather pants and bare chested serving thee cocktail and few fantasies reminded me of 'master and slaves'. Songs like 'You are beautiful', 'lady in red', 'diamonds are forever' at the background made every guest feel special.

I saw Vaishali standing next to the bunch of photographers who was busy clicking a woman. I straight away went to her. After usual greetings she asked me to turn around. What I see! A woman in beautiful chunri print ghagra with a heavy gota work border and JJ Valaya signature golden jacket posing for the shutterbugs (yes the media was invited) effortlessly without missing a single cue from the photographers.

“Hi Ameeta” I almost screamed out of excitement, after all I was meeting her after 5 years. She looked up and came up to me. We hugged and kissed each other.
“You really kissed each other and not in the air. No mmuuaah… mmuuaah… the society thing”, one journalist pointed.
“Yep! Because we are real chicks in the real world.. so no fake mmuuaah… mmuuaah…” prompt it came from her. She has not lost it, I thought. The witty side of her that is.
{Ameeta an ex model -and now runs a small store in Delhi and collects accessories from all over the world. She secretly runs a small sex store in her shop which only a select few are aware of..Many a famous bollywood stars were in love with her back in the day, but she chose to stay single and totally independent... Over six feet tall she cuts a striking figure and she is almost always dressed in ghaghra skirts and block printed tops...Needless to say she intimidates people very easily...}

As Ameeta got busy with the photographers again, me and Vaishali went on to take our drinks. She had few tequila down and she was at her bitchiest best flaunting the lady with the capital L. And she could afford to as she was looking stunning in this Red and Black off shoulder drape gown. She got it as a gift from Malini in bargain to give a full page coverage to her finale show in the fashion week. Later she revealed.
We got into the chit – chat, as she had a lot to share from her latest assignment at the fashion week.
Then entered Sadanjali and Monalisa. As usual Sadanjali was busy over the phone. Every one turned around. Reason all the men present there wanted them and all the women wanted to be like them.
As Sadanjali was dressed to kill in her string Grey over-sized top with Issie short Dior skirt, L.V. bag and Prada shoes.
Monalisa tried to keep it very minimalistic with this short number from Alexander Mcqueen and Jimmy Choo shoes.
We ordered some more drinks. Sadanjali was flirting with the bartenders. What I overheard was like this..
Sadanjali: Can I have 'Virgin Merry' the drink that represents me.
Bartender: Why don’t you try 'Screwdriver', that’s what I can offer you.
Sadanjali: Sure. Any time. And yes we can have 'Sex on the beach' together..
They went on. I wont be able to give you the details of the whole conversation but the end result was the complementary drinks that made us happy and the cell no. of the bartender that made her happy.
As usual Yukta came with a boy. “Not again” was our reaction. She straight away went to the bar counter and said something to the bartender. He fixed up a drink and offered to the boy. Then she gave some orientation to the boy. He nodded his head and stayed there.
She came to us and started explaining, “I am not a slut, its just that my boyfriend left today morning so I was down and I needed a support. That’s how I got him here. You people will never understand me”.
Today she looked like one restless soul shuffling between the boy at the bar counter and us. On the process she became the eye candy for all the men present there because of her pure white chiffon sari teamed with swarovski studded blouse with the generously low neckline and the diamond solitaire she borrowed from her mother. Not that she was not enjoying all the attention.
By now Ameeta also joined us. The we had the usual conversation on the topics ranging from gossips, serious stuff, CWG, boys, fashion and all the other things under the sun and the moon.
Suddenly the dance floor was filled with smoke. Strobe lights, strokes, parkins were lit. the floor looked like clouds filled with colours of life. Then the SPOT LIGHT… Wow! What we are seeing is for real?
Mmmm! I am very tired and feeling sleepy now. May I continue it tomorrow…
What do you thing we saw? Post your answer and email id..
The best answer will get the Scarf/Stole from "IN SYNC by basant anuj"


  1. how dare this bitch (Ameeta) enters with them, i thought she just followed me and was gate crashing , as she is known in our swish set..neways did yu call her??????????? ,m sure monalisa has an answer to that....n karamjali...oops sadanjali...m sure she would be on cloud 9 walking with monalisa.....babes nxt time we need to watch out the queens who follow us...:) n yes basant nxt time invite me only to strictly by invite events...:p

  2. goshhhhhhhhhhhhhh i second vaishali on this basant u need to make sure of all this!!as i had my share of surprise as i walked in...neway had an lovely my.wonder how these gals can sport fake brands that LV was last to last season collection and m sure those prada's were rather parda's this surely reminds me of sarojni nagar the way sarojni reminds me of yukta as well..she looked as screwed with those paid boy friends of her wonder when she'll come out of it.........hey wat happen to harshita was she busy in her kathak classes or collecting money for her charity......once again had gr8888888888888 time.make sure u have checklist next time.muaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. now gurls...lets not be mean cause you all know you cant match up with me on the bitchy front too :-) my heart went out for Yukta, poor gurl has had her heart broken so many times its un believable and dnont get me started on sadanjali's prada's and mcqueens.. we all know where they came from and as for vaishali and her borrowed feathers well..honey, malini has reported a lost garment with the mumbai police...i would lie low for a few days if i were you but hey, i dnt have to cause i pay for my luxuries! and Mona daahlings i am sure under that 90kgs of pure fat theres a beautiful heart somewhere...
    take it or bitch, but you gurls will be seeing a hell of a lot of me!

  4. oooooo... Basant.. wud be fun to be there and just throw water on the cats :D

  5. hi girls!!!!just thought wou;d drop sm lines to you all but just before tht a word odf advice oops caution do not forget u girls got ur fangs out long after i even stopped brushing mine as they just became too natural

    well my dear ameeta!!!!!!!!!!! just a info mc queeen and prada do not make sex toys so how would u know i pity!!!! i rather suggest u concentrate on strngthning ur friendship with yukta as we all know most of ur sex shop !!!i mean shop cash register rings frm her fancy

    vaishali my darlin you need to be def more cautious of who is following you in party so tht shutterbugs and eye balls are not only on tht smashing one and some bit of it comes to u also!!! i suggest u rather enter alone tht would give u enough scope to get noticed of course u need it also sm time!!!!!! esp when the malini ramani does nt happen so often at ur end!!!

    mona thanx for the info tht mc queen and prada are available at sarojini market (thts the name right!!!!)i am soiry not much versed with thse markets , infact i can go with u sm day and buy sm for gifting to my freebees fond types


  6. sad-anjali my dahling dahling sister...we know that besides your fangs you have stopped brushing other places too...honey its about time you do something, those cobwebs are not gonna clean themselves ;-) being much younger to you i can only suggest you try one of the toys yourself it will widen your limited...umm...horizon :-P and dont you worry its gonna be on the would be my contribution to the elderly of the society :-)

    P.S @hmmmm honey you are swimming with the sharks here!

  7. gurls this friday is Sadanjali's surprise birthday party at our club...suggest a theme!
    i was thinking of "whores and Bitches" but then it would be too easy for Monalisa and Viashali cause they'll come as themselves...

  8. m sure it wud be very easy for us to source our outfit as i remember our darlin fren ameeta runs a sex toy shop.....right viashali!!!!!v need to gift ameeta full length mirror so she can be rest asured of being herself(whore and bitch )... love ya sweets


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