Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I AM all set to inspire you on youtube

What If:
  • An achiever tells you that I am among you, if 'I Can even You Can'. 
  •  You get a chance to talk about an idea that you have nurtured for years and could not speak about it because nobody was listening to you.
Welcome! to I AM - A You Tube Series...

I AM - A you tube series, is a talk show where achievers from different walks of life are invited as guest to talks about their journey from no one to becoming someone.
The main objective of this series is to show our viewers how an achiever is made, as our guest talks about their experiences, struggles and how they emerged as winners.

Our guest list will be an eclectic mix of people who accepted the challenges not to prove anyone but themselves.

From bloggers, entrepreneur, fashion designers, students to social workers I AM is for the people who can proudly say I AM.

Want to be the guest on I AM? Click https://goo.gl/forms/1xNuEChDWhg5GD8u2

Get ready to get inspired every THURSDAY.

The you tube series I AM has been conceptualized and hosted on you tube channel ANUJ BASANT COMMUNICATIONS.

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