Wednesday, January 13, 2016

#खादी_गाथा - A Social Media Campaign

#खादी_गाथा - An Initiative by #NaMoInspiresMe

Social Media Initiative #NaMoInspiresMe is starting the SM Campaign #खादी_गाथा . This is basically a campaign to create an awareness about KHADI among the masses.

Campaign Background:
KHADI is a hand spun, hand woven fabric. The fabric that was once synonyms to self reliance, empowerment is in a sorry stage.

Today KHADI weavers are looking for alternatives for their livelihood.

So its high time we must restore the past glory associated with KHADI.

Our beloved PM MODI JI understood the urgency of it n made an appeal at various platforms to buy KHADI.

Our Minister of State for MSME GIRIRAJ JI has gone all out to come up with the mechanism to generate employment via KHADI.

So lets be the voice. Lets talk about KHADI, and the problems associated with it. Lets find out the solutions.

Come and contribute to 'Khadi awareness social media' campaign with tag #खादी_गाथा

CAMPAIGN: Khadi awareness campaign

HASHTAG: #खादी_गाथा

STARTING DATE: 13th Jan 2016
DURATION: 1 month.

1. Twitter
2. Facebook
3. WhatsApp
4. Youtube
5. Instagram
6. Pinterest

Soon #NaMoInspiresMe will announce exciting contests, interview with celebrities and stakeholders, tweet party etc etc with #खादी_गाथा

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PS: #NaMoInspiresMe is a social media initiative and not a contest.

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