Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014....

Hi friends,
Wishing you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR
May this year bring all the happiness and opportunities to fulfill all your dreams.
Since this is the first blog post of the year, I thought of doing something new and different to build a strong bonding between us.
So lets start...

To introduce myself again, I am a fashion professional with 15 years of experience into the industry and Anuj Singh is a qualified dentist turned entrepreneur. On paper our diverse background may seem jarring but this disparity only makes us more cohesive pair. Since we first came together as business partners in 2009, we launched our designer label IN SYNC - basant anuj and our event management company have organized some memorable events. In a carefree conversation moderated by our friend Anushka, we talk about the year that was and our plans for 2014.

ANUSHKA: The year 2013 was not a very good year for you as an event manager.
ANUJ: In terms of visibility you can say that because we did only 6 shows in the whole year. But contrary to the popular belief I would say we emerged as a complete winner as an event manager.

ANUSHKA: I didn't get it, explain me how?
BASANT: Okey. Instead of taking up the assignments we were concentrating on building up our own event properties last year. And you also know that the ultimate dream of an event manager is to have their own event property that grows over the period.
ANUJ: See, at times its important to take a break from the mundane, see the things in prospective and move ahead rather then going with the flow.

ANUSHKA: So what all event properties you have worked on?
BASANT: There is this MR & MISS COSMIC INDIA which is a national level pageant where the winners goes on to represent India at the international pageants. And we will end the year with MR & MISS COSMIC WORLD which is an international pageant. Infact this will be the only International Pageant organized in India.
ANUJ: And we have ECO FASHION WEEK INDIA coming up. This is the first and only fashion week of India dedicated to eco and sustainable fashion.

ANUSHKA: That's great. You mean to say you would not be doing other events.
ANUJ: No. That is not the case. Its just that last year we were at the starting phase of building these properties so we could not take up the other assignments.
BASANT: As a matter of fact this month we have 3 events lined up that starts from 8th Jan where we are scouting talented and beautiful girls for FEMINA MISS INDIA 2014, which is a Times of India property.

ANUSHKA: And what's up with your designer label IN SYNC - basant anuj?
BASANT: we are working on it. Our next collection is called the 'CUTTING CHAI'.
ANUJ: And we are taking  crowd funding route to reach to the maximum people.

ANUSHKA: Basant, you have really neglected your blog as I didn't see much of the updates last year.
BASANT: This is one thing I regret today. But from now onwards, I will make sure that I am regular with it. Its a promise to myself.

ANUSHKA: Today how do you see the year 2013 and 2014?
BASANT: For us 2013 will serves as a milestone in creating a solid base for all our business endeavor.
ANUJ: And we are working towards becoming as a major stakeholder in the business of beauty pageant. That's the target for 2014.

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