Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Designer Sadan Pande romances with Colours in 'RANG RASIYA'

'RANG RASIYA - is a passionate journey of a simple girl who draws colors and flavours from day to day life activities and the beauty of the real world...she is confident yet shy....independent yet dependable...a painters beauty ....a lover of color and colorfull experiences', says designer Sadan Pande.

Pande's latest collection 'RANG RASIYA' is all about vibrant colours and festivity that celebrates the modernity in a very traditional way. Unlike his previous collection 'Yes, No, Maybe' that was all about western silhouette in black, white and greys, this collection is very traditional and colourful.

Here are the sneak peak of his collection:

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  1. Thanx a ton Basant ....for a such beautiful piece on my collection
    God bless u
    Lots of love,sadan


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