Saturday, March 31, 2012

The word 'Waste hai' inspires me....!

Waste hai!(It's a waste) is such a commonly used words in our day to day life that you really don't take it seriously unless it is used against you. Then it pulls you down and makes you feel miserable. Last night exactly the same thing happened. As I am all set for my next event - Miss Tourism Uttar Pradesh 2012, so I posted some of the photos on the official page of MTUP on facebook
Within few seconds I started getting  feedback from the people. And one comment read "WASTE HAI". Out of sheer anger I deleted the comment.
Then I started thinking about the comment and I realized this is not the first time I was getting this kind of reaction. I have been hearing this a lot ever since I thought of making a mark for myself.

10 years back when I decided to shift my base from Mumbai to Lucknow everyone said, tumhara base shift karna waste hai (shifting your base is a wastage). Everyone thought there is nothing stored in Lucknow for a fashion professional. 'There are no opportunity in Lucknow, Mumbai is the place for fashion and you have been doing good for yourself", they reasoned out. They were not wrong. But for me it was the biggest opportunity to create a fashion industry here in Lucknow. And today 10 years later we are the National Director - India for two International Beauty Pageant.

Same thing happened when I decided to work exclusively on KHADI and handloom fabric only. In 2006 when  I made this decision again the same comment popped up. 'Why are you wasting your time and energy on a fabric that is considered to be the uniform of netas(Politicians)', they would ask. But I simply fell in love with the fabric and saw its relevance in the future. And today I I am known for it. It gave me an  identity. Today every one is acknowledging its worth. Mega fashion event like Lakme Fashion Week dedicates a day to these fabrics.

So now when I again thought of the last night comment on FB, I was rest assured some day in the near future Miss Tourism Uttar Pradesh would be one of the most coveted crown by every standard.

I really don't  know what does it means to you, when someone says 'waste hai' to your ideas. For me it only means that my ideas are way ahead or something that has not been tried upon. And it means I have to work harder and give my 200% to it to make it happen, so that by the end of the day I should be able to say, "Tab shayed waste tha but ab nahi hai(Probably then it was not relevant but today it is)".


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